Sandra had made a promise, so after years she returned to the place where she held important childhood memories. 

But what could she expect? 



3 endings + Extra story (appear on the menu after getting one ending) that gives more context for the situation.

(Kinda) Toxic Yuri ~

Around 3700 words ~

How to play: 

Click on the highlighted word in the text for advance. It should be in bold or bold + italic. There are some parts of the text that will appear after some seconds. Click in the highlighted word after that to proceed. 


General warning: Death, blood, violence, unhealthy relationships.

Specific TW: Mentioned inside the game to avoid spoilers. 

Interactive Fiction made for Yuri Jam 2023. (Actually based on an unfinished project from a jam involving summer and horror that I tried to participate in, but I didn’t manage to write too much from what I planned - It was collecting dust in my files until this new opportunity)


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love me some toxic yuri <3 GREAT GAME!!!


I don't seem to get something :( how do I advance the dialogue?

I don’t know if I understood your problem right, but in Twine in general you have to click in some words that are highlighted somehow. The words that you need to click in this one are in bold or bold + italic. But there is also some parts that I made the text appear after some seconds and to proceed you should click in the highlighted words again. If you have more problems/suggestions, please comment, and thank you for playing!

This was dark and bittersweet and very much like an old, lost friendship/relationship feels like, and I appreciate that. There were a few typos but they didn't really take away from the intended effect. I got what would probably be considered the 'bad' ending and it was really neat, writing-wise. I'm glad I played this!


Oh, thank you so much for playing! I didn’t have time yet to take one last look in the text before I have to submit, so I will take time to do it later. Actually none of the endings are the kind of ‘good one’, but there are some of them that explains the situation better. After you get at least one ending, there will be a new text on the menu that you can click and see new content that has some more story if you want!