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In the end, would you regret it...?

Browse a new place, meet new people and see how your choice can change the fate that awaited you (or maybe you might regret it...)



3 possible true endings (one of them will only appear if you play at least one of the other two) + 1 avoidable bad end (nothing  graphic or anything, but to make sure I'll be warning here, don't click on the "believe" option)


How to play: 

Click on the highlighted word in the text to advance. It should be in bold. 


Interactive Fiction made for AestheticJam: Frutiger Aero!


In the end -sound.7z 2.5 MB
In the end.7z 2.5 MB
In the end - text only.7z 2.3 MB

Install instructions

After downloading the file, the html game and the images + music files must be in the same folder or they won't appear in the game! (for the "In the end" and "In the end -sound" versions)

Attention(!!!!!): If you want the music (the same one) in all passages -> Download the "In the end -sound" version

If you only want the music (the same one) in key parts of the game -> Download the "In the end" version

If your cellphone is like mine and you can't have a folder with all these things together -> Download "In the end - text only" and you can play the file with only the text first (it's the same interactive fiction but without images) and check the gallery folder later (I didn't find a better way so we go like this)

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